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Cheese making dates back hundreds of years – and guess what? The process we use today is almost identical to how it was made back then. With only a little mechanical help our dedicated cheese makers still use the same processes and all natural ingredients – crafted, monitored and assessed by hand. The result? Delicious and naturally tasty cheeses from the mild Arla Gouda and Arla Havarti, to the nutty Arla Emmental and creamy Arla Cheddar.

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The making of Arla cheese

The cheesemakers craft


Becoming an Arla cheesemaker takes years of training – from honing ones senses and learning about the traditional methods of making the cheeses to perfecting the skills of the craft. That’s why our dedicated cheesemakers take pride in each and every pack that leaves our dairies.

As pure as milk


All natural locally sourced milk with high protein content is the key ingredient to producing the incredible quality of cheese that we do. Our farmers are no further than 100 kilometers from our dairies ensuring that the milk that goes into your cheese is fresh – making cheese just as it’s always been done.

Using the senses


Our cheesemakers use their hands and senses of taste and touch to assess the cheese throughout its journey. From curds and whey throughout the several weeks of maturation, it’s through the feeling and tasting of the cheese that ensures every bite you have of our Arla cheese is as delicious as the last.

Creamy & mild


Our cheesemakers use their years of experience to craft the wonderfully mild and creamy Arla Havarti that you love, every day. Find out what else goes into making this aromatic cheese here.

Have you tried Arla Havarti with mushrooms as part of your breakfast spread? Get this and more inspiration here.

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Classic & distinctly mild


Using their years of knowledge our cheesemakers make sure this classic and distinctly mild Dutch cheese tastes as exceptional as always. Dive into the process here and how they make it.

Have you tried Arla Gouda with sweet cherry tomatoes? Find your new favorite wholesome snack inspiration here.

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Nutty & mild


There’s a lot of craft that goes into making a mild and nutty Arla Emmental. That’s why our skilled cheesemakers are so proud of every single one they make. See what it takes for Emmental to get from the dairy, to you.

Have you tried Arla Emmental with fresh figs? Find your new favorite wholesome snack inspiration here.

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Mild & creamy


Utilising their years of experience, our dedicated cheesemakers take their time crafting our wonderfully mild and creamy Arla Cheddar. That’s why they’re so proud of every single one they make. Discover the journey from the dairy, to your plate.

Have you experienced Arla Cheddar and chickpeas? Blend crisp lettuce, tomatoes and chickpeas for a moreish salad update.

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