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Picnic Pita with Arla® Organic Cream Cheese

A refreshing take on the chicken & coleslaw sandwich, balanced with crisp romaine lettuce and Arla® Organic Cream Cheese guaranteed to delight any picnic.



With coleslaw, chicken, romaine lettuce and Arla® Organic Cream Cheese




Serves 1

1 Whole grain pita bread

¼ dl Arla® Organic Cream Cheese

50 g chopped cabbage

¼ carrot, roughly grated

Pinch of salt and black pepper

2 leaves of romaine lettuce

¼ dl watercress

3 chicken fillets



-          Mix Arla® Organic Cream Cheese, chopped cabbage and carrot, season with salt and pepper

-          Cook chicken fillets and cut into slices

-          Fill the heated pita bread with romaine lettuce, coleslaw, chicken slices and watercress