Havarti Cylinders Jalapeño 800g


Havarti Cylinders Jalapeño 800g

Smooth and buttery texture with a mild yet satisfyingly full flavour. Using the original Danish recipe and traditional craftsmanship, Arla® Jalapeño Havarti is the all natural choice made with 100% milk produced in Canada. It is flavoured with sweet and hot peppers with spices and in a 800g unique cylinder shape that is easy to slice or cube for a snack. Our Havarti 800g cylinders are also available in Creamy, and Light flavours. Arla® Traditionally Crafted

Nutrition Facts per serving, (percent of Daily Values (DV)):

Per 30 cm cube (30g)
Amount % daily value,

Calories: 120,
Fat: 11 g 17 %,
Saturated: 7 g - 37 %,
+ Trans: 0.4 g,
Cholesterol: 35 mg,
Sodium: 190 mg 8 %,
Carbohydrate: 1 g 1 %,
Fibre: 0 g,
Sugars: 0 g,
Protein: 6 g,
Vitamin A: 10 %,
Vitamin C: 6 %,
Calcium: 15 %,
Iron: 0 %