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Originally Tilsit Cheese

Originally Tilsit Cheese was produced by Dutch settlers in Perussia. They tried to make their native Gouda but weren’t able to due to the damp, moldy facilities in Perussia. What they did make was Tilsit, a dark yellow and spicy flavoured cheese

Hanne Nielsen, a Danish cheese pioneer, took it upon hereself back in the 1820’s to find new cheese styles for the Danish market; the Danish producers where suffering from lack of sales of butter for England and a lack of inspiration.

Hanne went on a one person crusade to find new cheeses with a fairly high fat content to absorb some of the milk fat. She traveled Europe, and in spite of communication problems, she managed to get inspiration from all over Europe for numerous new cheeses.

After returning to Denmark she began to develop cheeses based on her findings and ended up with what we today know woldwide as Havarti.

Havarti cheese is named after Hanne’s own Dairy farm in Denmark, ”Havartigaard”, as a tribute to her contribution to the Danish Dairy industry, by King Christian IV.

Dofino® Havarti has been produced in Canada for almost 30 years. Using only natural ingredients like fresh local milk in the production, results in a range of award winning cheeses, with a consistently great taste. Everyone involved in the production of Dofino® - from the farmers to the cheesemakers - counts on its success and takes pride in its quality.
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