The origin of Feta cheese is not fully known; the cheese is more than 6,000 years old - Homer mentions Feta in The Odyssey (book 9: 278-79)There is traces of literature from eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Macedonia, etc.) as well as from most of the Mediterrianen countries linking Feta or cheese similar to Feta to many areas.
It is generally agreed upon that Feta was made by sheppards and came from un-pasteurized goats or sheeps milk, as these were the most common animals in their region.
Today most Feta is produced from pasteurized cow’s milk. The name Feta is actually Italian, coming from the word ”Fette” and means ”slice of food”. Feta is not a word in the Classical Greek language but is a new Greek word, ”tyripheta” meaning ”cheese slice”.
Through its long standing history, Feta has become a popular cheese in most countries around the world.